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Precision String Winding Patterns Provide Maximum Dirt Holding Capacity

A cross section of FilterKleen's string wound cartridge filters indicates a precisely controlled diamond-shaped pattern forming the fluid flow path. As the thickness of the tube is built up, the size of the opening increases to create a tapered, spiral passageway through the winding, decreasing in size from the outside to the core.

This enables the trapping of larger sized particles closer to the surface of the tube while finer particles are retained closer to the core.

This design provides the following advantages:

    1. Selective Particle Retention - divides the dirt by particle size to achieve complete depth loading allowing you to use our product as a standalone filter or even a pre-filter. We even have FDA approved materials for food processing applications.
    2. High Flow Rate - with relatively low-pressure drop
    3. Increased Solids Capacity - lowers operating costs by allowing you to reuse your liquids
    4. Simple Replacement - lowers labor costs

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