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FilterKleen Manufacturing Company, Inc.

FilterKleen, for over 25 years, has been supplying customers with the best quality, full line of cotton or polypropylene string wound cartridge filters for any fluid.

We serve a diverse customer base including manufacturers requiring standard or private label filters, suppliers and end-users with a wide variety of application needs.

Our unique production methods allow us to offer our customers:

    1. Competitive Pricing - We'll meet or beat 98% of our competitor's prices
    2. Prompt Order Turnaround - Any order in by 11 will be shipped by 5 the same day
    3. Top Quality Filters - All our filters use NSF (or FDA) certified materials, are hand inspected and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
    4. We can even stock and Manage Your Inventory for you.

No Order Is Too Small... or Too Large

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say...

"I have had no problem with them in 20 years" - Plating Services
"They have better turnaround than their competitors" - Filters, Water
"They do what it takes to get it done" - Jet Pure
"They have their niche and they do it very well" - Jet Pure

Contact us for a quote...

FilterKleen Manufacturing Company, Inc.
31 Bridge Street
Westford, MA 01866
Telephone: (978) 692-5137
Fax: (978) 692-9432
Email: filterkleen@gmail.com

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